Sorare NBA will offer fourteen core tournaments in Season Two.

Common: Garage Hoops, Rec League, Limited Tip-Off, Pickup

🟡 Limited: Champion, Contender, Underdog

🔴 Rare: Champion, Contender, Underdog

🔵 Super Rare: Champion, Contender

🟣 Unique: Champion

🌈 Mixed Scarcity: Streetball

In 'Contender' tournaments, you'll be able to win more cards of that scarcity to continue building your collection and strengthening your team.

In ‘Champion' tournaments, there are fewer card rewards to win - but you can win cards of higher scarcities and progress to competing in even more tournaments.

'Underdog' tournaments have a lower Points Cap, rewarding you for finding those hidden gems that put up big scores!

All of our tournaments are available in the Lobby. At a glance, you'll be able to see each tournament's name, the scarcity level for eligibility in the tournament, how many card rewards will be available to win, and how many participants are currently registered for that tournament.

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