Composing Your Team

Once you find a competition to join, you'll start composing your team.

You'll see all the player cards you have available to fill that slot. Player cards will be ordered by scarcity (for example, in a Rare tournament, you'll see your Rare cards listed first), then by their 10 Game Average.

At a glance, you'll see their season average, the bonus associated with their card, and how many games they'll have in the Game Week. If one of your players is expected to be out in the Game Week, you'll see that indicated as well.

Sorare NBA Champion competitions will feature a Most Valuable Player (MVP). The MVP does not count against the Points Cap. The MVP designation is automatically assigned to the player with the highest 10 Game Average in the lineup.

You can only use each card once per Game Week, and you can only use each player once in the same lineup - even if you have two of their cards. You'll also need to make sure your lineup has at least two NBA teams represented in order to be valid.

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