Game Weeks

Sorare NBA uses a bi-weekly tournament schedule, with each 'Game Week' spanning a 3-4 day cycle.

  • Monday-Thursday

  • Friday-Sunday

Game Weeks are numbered sequentially, with each season beginning with a new Game Week 1.

Game Weeks will start 10 minutes before the first game in that window. That means if there is a game on a Monday starting at 7:10pm ET, lineups will lock at 7:00pm ET and can no longer be changed after that time.

Game Weeks will end after the last game is concluded. At that time, all scoring will be finalized and distribution of rewards will begin.

If a game that was originally scheduled to take place within a Game Week is postponed to a date outside the range of the Game Week, statistics for that game will not count. If a game is suspended, statistics up until the suspension will count, but statistics from when the game resumes will only be included if it falls within the original Game Week date range.

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