Card Level and Bonus

Every Sorare NBA card has a level associated with it, based on the number of experience points (XP) it has earned. Each level carries a bonus increase of 0.5% on the card's score in a tournament.

  • Limited cards start at level 0 (+0% bonus)

  • Rare cards start at level 20 (+10% bonus)

  • Super Rare cards start at level 40 (+20% bonus)

  • Unique cards start at level 80 (+40% bonus)

Cards also get a +5% bonus in the current season - so all cards in Sorare NBA 2023-24 will receive that bonus. Once the 2024-25 season starts, that 5% bonus will disappear, but all the XP your card has accrued will remain.

XP Formula

Every card that you use in a tournament will earn XP for that Game Week, based on the following formula:

XP = (base xp + player score xp)

  • base xp = 75

  • player score xp = the total score of the team that player card was used in, multiplied by 0.125

For example, if you play Damian Lillard and your team for that week scores 240 points, your Damian Lillard card will earn 105 XP: 75 base and 30 (240 * 0.125) for how the team performed.

Leveling Up

Cards earn XP linearly based on how frequently they are used, but they level up more slowly over time. See the below representative table to understand how your cards gain levels - and bonuses! - based on their XP.

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