10 Game Average

Each player card will have a 10 Game Average score. This score is the average number of fantasy points a player has scored in their last 10 games played.

10 Game Average Criteria

  • Only games a player has played in will contribute to this score

  • If a player receives a Did Not Play (DNP) for any reason in a given game, it will not count toward the 10 Game Average

  • If the player has played less than 10 games played in the current season, 10 Game Average will also reference the relevant number of games played from the previous season

  • Negative scores for 10 Game Average are possible

Rookies and Players without a game in the previous NBA Season

  • If a player has not played in the previous NBA season or has never appeared in an NBA game, their 10 Game average will begin as 0

  • If a player has not had a game in the current season or previous season, they will also begin at 0

  • Players with less than 10 games played will still have a 10 game average score, which is the average of their score across the number of games less than 10 they have scored.

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